Kabi Dinakrushna Das  , whose original name was Krushna Das, was born in 1650 A.D. at Munutunia, Jaleswar in North Orissa just twenty years before Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanj of South Orissa. He was the eldest son of Madhusudan Das in a Raju family and be spent his childhood there with formal education. He rose to hight of poetic excellence with his devotional, simple and mass appealing lyrics. This versatile poet assumed the name of 'Dinakrushna' out of humility treating himself as a small creation among crores of creation of the Almighty.

 At the very early age he went to Srikshetra Puri. It is said that in order to concentrate on devotional creations he lived in Ekagharia village of Dhenkanal on the bank of river Brahmani.

        In course of his literary creativity, he became a great Vaishnava and wrote many a devotional poem. He also wrote poems on warefare, marraiage manuals, social virtues and mythology. He also wrote romantic poems.

                              The appearance of Dinakrushna in the 17th century was not only in critical juncture of language and literature but in an era of social chaos and religious discord. He could judiciously mixed the colloquial oriya with much used Sanskrit vocabulary and produce a neo-vocabulary to touch the heart of the mass and to elicit their spiritual emotion. His magnum opus was 'Rasa Kallol' which is a long poem in which is a long poem in which he has expressed the emotional poetic exuberance created out of separation.

                            He is truly a poet of the mass. He is regarded as the greatest lyrical poet of 17th century. His skill of composing verses with transparent clarity in heart touching style is unique. He himself used to recite Artattrana Chautisa near the Garuda pillar in Jagannath Temple and got cured from leprosy. He composed Kavyas, Chhandas, Chautisas, on scripture based on philosophical and devotional subject.Like the famous "Vaidehisa Vilash" of Upendra Bhanja starting with 'Ba' in the beginning of each line, Dinakrushna's 'Rasa Kallol' written in 'Ka' beginning is regarded as a wonderful creation of this versatile genius.

                          We find the references to 25 celebrated works of this poet in his book 'Rasabinoda' which is indicative of the fact that those twenty five volumes were written prior to Rasbinod . In subsequent years, poet Dinakrshna also composed many kavyas such as 'Rasa Kallol' 'Nabakeli' 'Alankar Boli' 'Suvdra Haran Kavya' 'Boudha Bodha Gita' 'Sarira Veda Bhanja Gitika'.

                         The multifaceted dimensions of this versatile genius are yet to be explored fully. It will be a rich tribute to this legendary poet. It will be a rich tribute to this legendary poet, if all his creations can be consolidated as a singular compilation.




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