About Balasore

  Laxminarayan Sahu was the only son of Khetramohan Sahu born in 3rd October,1890 at village Manikhamb near Balasore town.He was
  an eminent personality in the field of economics,history & literature.He was highly renowned and practical in  five different languages
  like Oriya,English,Bengali,Hindi & Sanskrit.He was awarded Padmashree for his life long contribution to literature.He was a teacher of
  repute.He is famous for his story “ Veena “, “ Sulata “, “ Control Room “, poem “ Pashara “ and social story of “Springs of the Soul “ etc. He
  was too famous for three important news papers viz:-“Sahakar” in Oriya and “ Vaitarani & Star of Utkal” in English.
 According to him “ Only
  Revolution can give a solution to any probleme but not by Extremists nor by Moderates “.He believed in the theory “ I may be destroyed but
  not defeated “ and it was his advice for Oriyas.His aim was to see the rise of Oriyas in all sphere and rise of Oriya language.He was votarian
  of the theory “ Service to mankind is service to God “. He was a dynamic social worker. His service to the people during draught, flood and
   his service for the Leprosy patient were ever remember. He had faught a lot against untouchability too.



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