The primary objective of Agriculture Department is increase of production as well as productivity of major crops like paddy, G.nut, mustard, Mung, Biri & vegetables which is widely covered in this District in both Kharif & Rabi season. Another key objective is the all round development of the farming community of the District.

The Deputy Director of Agriculture is the head of office so far as agriculture is concerned & he is the Principal Agriculture Officer of the District . Under him there are 5 District Agriculture Officers & the block under them is given below:

Blocks Allocated to Agril.Officer
Sl. No Name of the District Agricul Officer Name of the Block
1 Balasore Balasore Sadar,Remuna,Basta
2 Jaleswar Jaleswar,Bhogarai,Baliapal
3 Soro Sor,Bahanaga
4 Simulia Simulia,Khaira
5 Nilgiri Nilgiri,Oupada

Agricultural Scenario of the District:

  1. Geographical Area –3,77,440
  2. Forest Area –26,288
  3. Misc. Tree crops groves –25,305
  4. Permanent pasture & Grazing land–16,483
  5. Cultivated waste land–9,576
  6. Land put to non –agril. Area –38,865
  7. Barren & uncultivable Waste land–10,008
  8. Other fallow–6908
  9. Cultivated area–2,50,550 : (a) High Land– 39,069 (b) Medium Land – 1,04,425 (c) Low Land– 1,07,056
  10. Paddy area – 2,20,830: (a)High Land– 349 (b) Medium Land – 1,04,425 (c) Low Land– 1,07,056


Deputy Director of Agriculture, Balasore

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