Balasore district is a land of rivers, rivulets, drainage etc and agriculture is its predominant occupation. This district has been experiencing Natural Calamities since times immemorial. Cyclonic storms, inundation of land by floods and severe tidal waves from the Bay of Bengal are common features of this district.Besides, continuous torrential rain coupled with thunder storms add to the miseries of the people. There is constant worry at all levels to fight against these adversities. In order to alleviate the distresss condition of people, to protect their habitat, & their domestic animals that are always badly hit every year, advance planning is made.

As it is said that prevention of anything is always better than its cure, certain remedial measures have been spelt out in this booklet of planning for the guidance of all concerned. The problems have been discussed in teeth and nails in this plan to grapple with the probable contingencies arising out of flood, cyclone etc, from time to time. The basic objective of this Action plan is to ensure safety of the lives and properties of the people including domestic animals during flood/cyclone or any such natural /man-made calamities. The District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) outlining the measures to be taken in the event of any natural or man-made disaster during the year 2016 – 2017 has been prepared on the past experiences. While formulating the District Disaster Management Plan instructions of Special Relief Commissioner, MD OSDMA, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), suggestions of resource persons of the District Natural Calamity Committee and also valuable suggestions of Members at the State Level Training Workshop for the ADM and District Emergency Officers during February,15-17-2016 in Revenue Officers Training Institute(ROTI)Gothapatana,Bhubaneswar and those made by PRI members in the District level Heatwave meeting held on 16.2.2016 have been taken in to account.Since the calamity season commences with onset of summer season, the DDMP has been prepard in advance. The Plan deals with Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis, Identification of Disaster Prone Areas, Response Structures, Inventory of Resources, Standard Operating Procedures, Directory of Institutions and Key Individuals, etc. The Plan is prepared to help the Collector & District Magistrate and the District Administration to focus quickly on the essentials and crucial aspects of both Preparedness and Response.

It is hoped that all concerned will rise to the occasion to ensure that lives and livelihoods, during natural calamities like flood/cyclone, get adequate assistance to get rid of their sufferings and also to ensure that precautionary measures are taken so that people feel safe.

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“District Disaster Management Plan 2016-17(pdf 3.5M.B)