Soil Conservation-cum-Project Director Watersheds

Name of the Office:

Asst.Soil conservation Officer, Balasore (since inception upto 18.04.2012) and then Deputy Director,Soil Conservation-cum-Project Director Watersheds, Balsore.

Date of inception at Balasore:

Dt.23.04.19964 as Asst. Soil conservation Officer, Balasore, and from Dt 19.04.2012 as Project Director, Watersheds, Balasore

Activities and Responsibilities:

  • Project Director, Watersheds, Balasore being the head of office and District Head monitors all the works under different schemes centrally. some of his activities and responsibilities are proper implementation of all schemes as per guideline,timely achievment of target,submission of U.C. and report returns to the Directorate and Goverment level including submission of Annual Action Plan and new proposals for need based activities of the District
Staff Position as per Hierarchy
Sl.No Name of the posts Sactioned Strength Actual men in position
01 Deputy Director Soil Conservation 01 01
02 A.D.S.C. 02 01
03 A.S.C.O 06 03
04 Asst. Engineer 01 01
05 Soil Conservation Overeer 08 04
06 Section Officer 01 00
07 Sr. Asst. 04 03
08 Jr. Asst. 03 02
09 Tracer 01 01
10 Soil Cons. Ext. Worker 23 6
11 Driver 02 00
12 Amin 01 00
13 Soil Cons. Demos. 04 00
14 Peon 02 00
15 Soil Cons. attend. 03 03
16 Chain Man 02 00
17 Choukidar 01 00
18 Sweeper 01 00

Name of the Govt. programme implementing:

  1. Pradhan Mantir Krishi Sichayi Yojana-Other Interventio(PMYSY-OI)
  2. Ranifed Area Development(RAD)
  3. Mahatma Gandi National Rural Employement Gurantee Act(MGNREGSA)
  4. Unit Other Charges in PDC,Panapana

Name Of PIO:

Sri Rasmi Ranjan Patra,ASCO Head Quarter

Special Other then Above:

Directorate of Soil conservation came to its independent existence since 1978.The officers/staff started working dedicatedly all over the staye including remote places.Soil conservations activiites like,soil erosion control,Plantation in brren/waste land and river basin,increaseing grounf water table by creation of Water Harvesting Structures(WHS) and Other Intervations like Chek dam,Diversion weir,earhen bund,dugwell,grade bund,Loose Boulder Structure etc. become very effective in reducing thevelocity of the surface run-off resulting in checking of soil erosion,recharge of ground water table and enhancing irrigation potential.