Tourist Places

ତାଳସରି ବେଳାଭୂମି-ଦୃଶ୍ୟ
Talasari–Udaypur Beach

The long stretches sandy beaches with red crabs and whistling casuarinas at Talsari-Udaypur beach attract tourists .Tourists can enjoy the…

Emmami Jagannath Night View
Jaganath Temple Baleswar

Immami Jagannath temple situated at a distance of 7 k.m. from the district headquater of Balasore.The newly constructed Jagannath Temple…

Khirachora Gopinath Temple Remuna
khirachora temple

Description : It is famous as Vaishnab shirine. Also know as Remuna Gupta Vrindaban.It is surounded by another famous Khirachora…

ଚାନ୍ଦିପୁର ରେ ମିସାଇଲ ପରୀକ୍ଷଣ

The Chandipur beach is one of the unique sea beaches in the country.The water of the sea recedes off shore…

ପଞ୍ଚ ଲିଙ୍ଗେଶ୍ଵର ପୀଠ
Panchalingeswar Temple

Panchalingeswar Saiva pitha is situated on a hillock with perennial streams falling on five natural Lingas. Its natural beauty attracts…

Chandneswar Temple Baleswar
Chandaneswar Temple

Chandaneswar is an acclaimed religious and cultural site of North Odisha which is famous for Lord Shiva temple. Chadak Mela…